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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't Be Cruel

Hey All,

Yesterday began as an Elvis kind of day.  I sold an Elvis keychain in my Etsy shop Charmeleongifts). Hubby and I watched the TV show, "Pawn Stars" together and on the show, a lady wanted to sell a necklace that had been given to her by Elvis. Then, as Hubby and I were driving in the car to run some errands, Elvis's song, "Don't Be Cruel" was playing on the radio!

Well, I have had the song lyric, "Don't Be Cruel" stuck in my head since because it seems a very fitting message for everything that followed!

Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor about my ankle injury (see previous blog entries for more details) and ended up getting a cortisone shot straight into my ankle...Dr. Elvis, don't be cruel! Hopefully it will help the ankle heal!

Today I went with Hubby on his deliveries and when we got back to the office, we received bad news...there just isn't enough work and Hubby was let go...Don't be cruel, Elvis Printers!

On the way from the home from receiving the bad news, a small rock got kicked up off the road and made a crack in the windshield of our car...Don't be cruel Elvis Street!

We then went to the Post Office, where another mail carrier box awaited us and when I looked at it, it made me think of the money spent on all the items in the packages and all the money that would not be coming in anytime soon...Don't be Cruel Postman Elvis!

Why are you being so cruel, Hand of Fate? Are we on a trip to Heartbreak Hotel?

Since the only thing I can do is look for a silver lining until things turn around, the up-side is that I am returning to work part-time for awhile starting next week, which will feel so good after being off for a month!

Apologies to all those I have promised things to lately, they will be done, just delayed a bit. I appreciate your patience during this extremely difficult time.

Stay Tuned,



Life Status:

*Hubby has been riding his bike most of this week, 8 miles at a time, very proud of his enthusiasm for the exercise!
*I will be returning to work part time starting Monday! (Hoping cortisone shot will cure the ankle troubles permanently)
*I am still searching for the positives, which is getting increasingly more difficult with recent events! Positive for today-Had a nice small lunch date with hubby at In N' Out Burger.

Favorites Status:

*MOVIES- Watched "The Wedding Planner" the other night for the umpteenth time to relax. Hubby and I plan to watch, "Weird Science" tonight for some quirky fun.
*TV-"Drop Dead Diva", "Pawn Stars", "Ghosthunters", and lots of "Cheers"
*MUSIC- Alive and Well
*BOOKS- Currently reading, "The Secret of Castle Cant", by, K.P. Bath. Also, hoping to attend one of the stops in Laurie King's "Pirate King" book tour sometime this month.
*FOOD-to be determined!

Creative Status:

*working on illustrations for my children's book project

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