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Saturday, October 15, 2011

When It Rains, it pours- anvils, pianos and safes

Dear all who read here:

I am writing today with a very heavy heart. As most already know, I have been struggling with an injury that has caused me to be on again off again working, lots of pain and endless dealings with doctors and workman's comp. Then Hubby lost his job.

The latest in the barrage of hardships is that due to an on-going neighbor dispute and full yard, my parents are in danger of having their house (home of nearly 30 years) taken from them by corrupt greedy power hungry city officials.

The stress on my family has caused severe migraine attacks, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and loss of sleep.

I have never felt so helpless and am truly at a loss of what to do. I welcome any advice or sympathetic ears.


Life Status:

*I have begun water therapy and am hoping for positive results with the ankle as I am still in constant pain
*Going back to work part time again after being out on doctor's orders for 3 weeks.
*Feeling defeated during the month that normally excites me.

Favorites Status:

*MOVIES- Watched "The Green Lantern", which was decent
*TV-"The Sing-Off", "Merlin", "Glee", "Ghosthunters", and lots of "Cheers"
*MUSIC- Sara Bareilles, Chris Isaak
*BOOKS- Currently reading, "The Girl Who Could Fly", by, Victoria Forester, a real page turner!

Creative Status:

*making magnets, tags, stickers and ACEOs to sell on Etsy when there is time.

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