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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beginnings and transitions

First of all, "welcome", to everyone who is reading this!

Life tends to keep me on my toes and I can't guarantee that this blog will follow a regular schedule, but I hope you will all find something worthwhile in it and stick with me. =)

I plan to share current events in my life, provide updates on new items and sales in my Etsy shops, promote other Etsy shops, host raffles and giveaways, and connect with others who share my interests.

Since this blog just came into being today, it is still a work in progress, but I hope you will check out the links, photos, etc that I have added thus far and check back in periodically for new stuff!


Life status:

*Hubby is sick
*I am off work all week due to complications from the ankle I sprained in May
*It's overcast outside and starting to get darker earlier
*I am too broke to collect things, buy supplies or buy into BNRs on Etsy...time to work with and enjoy what I already own!

Favorites Status:

*MOVIES- Captain America was worth seeing in the theater. Rango is on DVD and is a must see!
*TV-Currently addicted to Ghosthunters, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, Drop Dead Diva, Pawn Stars and The Nine Lives of Chloe King
*MUSIC- The Avett Brothers are my current "listen to over and over again band" and I read on Facebook that Erasure has a new album coming out.
*BOOKS- Currently reading "Calling on Dragons", the third book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series, by, Patricia C. Wrede and looking forward to "Pirate King", by, Laurie R. King.
*FOOD-Chicken tacos and Orange cream sparkling water

Creative status:

*Making earrings, bracelets, magnets and gift tags!


Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to view my photos, favorite sites and Items and awesome Etsy shops!

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