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Friday, August 26, 2011

Raffle is Closed. Winners will be announced in the next post!

The Blog Raffle is closed! Winners will be announced later today in the next post!

New items have been added to Charmeleongifts and lots of new items have been added to SynchrinicitySupply!

Use code: RAFFLE15 during checkout to get 15% off your purchase from either of my shops.

Details and growing list of entrants below!

As a kickoff for start of this blog, I am hosting a craft supply giveaway raffle and here are the details!

Who can enter?
Anyone with a couple dollars to spend.
How can you enter?
Make a purchase from one of my two Etsy shops: Charmeleongifts or SynchronicitySupply between now and midnight Sunday August 28th (8/28/11) and type "Raffle Entry" into the buyer's note section on the left when you make the purchase.
How will the raffle work?

A purchase of $1-$5= 3 raffle tickets
A purchase of $6-$10= 6 raffle tickets
A purchase of $11-$20=9 raffle tickets
A purchase of $20+=12 raffle tickets
(purchase price does not include shipping)

I will keep a running list of purchases and resulting tickets. On Monday August 29th, my Hubby will pull the winning tickets out of a hat. There will be 3 winners!

What are the prizes?Grand Prize: A surprise box consisting of 25 brand new packaged craft supplies (including ribbons/trim, beads, embellishments, stickers, wood stamps, notepad, rub-on letters, applique, etc.)

Runner up Prize #1: A custom made Bookmark theme kit (you choose the types of charms and bookmark design (see this listing for more details about Bookmark theme kits- http://www.etsy.com/listing/74829739/bookmark-kit-with-interchangeable-charms)

Runner up Prize #2:  A custom personalized watercolor bookmark made by me (see similar listing in my shop for details- http://www.etsy.com/listing/77917154/1-custom-personalized-watercolor?ref=pr_shop

 Please tell everyone you know about this event and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

List of entries:
1. ABCK- 3 tickets
2. BBD-3 tickets
3. SFYS-21 tickets
4. BOR-3 tickets
5. LS-3 tickets
6. EI-3 tickets
7. PR-3 tickets
8. PP-3 tickets
9. FTB-6 tickets
10. JBY-3 tickets
11. CB-9 tickets
12. IV-3 tickets
13. PS-3 tickets
14. TWS-3 tickets
15. HC-3 tickets
16. OBM-3 tickets
17. THOR-3 tickets
18. LLD-3 tickets
19. KACS-3 tickets
20. GL-9 tickets
21. HBH-3 tickets
22. MT-9 tickets
23. LK-3 tickets
24. HP-12 tickets
25. HB-6 tickets
26. CH-3 tickets
27. WWOB-3 tickets
28. JBS-6 tickets
29. BSM-6 tickets

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