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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Darkness will never last too long when you laugh in it's face

Hi all,

My title is part of a lyric from the song, "Only makes me laugh" by Oingo Boingo. It just seemed so fitting.

Lately, it has been so difficult to avoid living in the dark side of my experiences. I have been dealing the best I can with being injured, broke, off work and most recently taking care of a sick Hubby. Bills pile up and I spend too much time cooped up inside worried about how they will get paid. In addition, I found out I am scheduled for Jury Duty later this month!

Come to the dark side...

Yesterday, Hubby and I went shopping for groceries at Costco with generous help from a family member and then we had to somehow bring them up to our third floor apartment. What followed would have been hilarious if it weren't so disappointing! Hubby had one end of the heavy grocery box and I was holding the other all the way up the stairs. When we reached the top and had just started down the hallway, the handhold Hubby had ripped, the box dropped hard to the floor and one of the 2 milk jugs burst open! What a nightmare it was to clean everything up and get the groceries inside. Not as bad as the time a diet Pepsi can hit the floor in the kitchen and exploded across the white walls in practically all the rooms of our apartment though.

Come to the dark side....

So, in an effort to cheer myself up, I have decided to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

Yesterday's positive was that I made some sales, had a lot of fun and even won a prize in IrihanaArts 's Back to school Raffle BNR on Etsy.

Today, Hubby and I worked as a team to scrape together the money needed for some small errands. We budgeted well and got what we needed by being a little resourceful. =)

Everyone I know if struggling with something right now and it is so hard to stay positive, but if we keep in mind that we're all in it together, we can pull through.

Come to the dark side....

Nooooooooo, I will not!

My plans for the setting the raffle details got delayed today as I had so many packages to prepare for mailing out tomorrow, but hopefully I will get the details ironed out sooner rather than later and post them here!



Life Status:

*Hubby is getting better gradually, it has become primarily a chest cold
*I am off still off work (until further notice) due to complications from the ankle I sprained in May and the specialist has requested an MRI to be done.
*I am searching for the positives-Looking forward to attending a bridal shower on Wed with my co-workers

Favorites Status:

*MOVIES- Hubby made me watch the first part of Hoodwinked 2 and now he must pay! The original was really funny, the sequel might appeal to kids, but was a huge letdown.
*TV-Catching up on the season I missed of Gilmore Girls
*MUSIC- Guster is the great equalizer! It is probably the only band Hubby and I can agree on anytime anywhere (especially during music wars in the car)
*BOOKS- Almost finished reading "Calling on Dragons", the third book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series, by, Patricia C. Wrede and looking forward to "Pirate King", by, Laurie R. King.
*FOOD-Grilled Chicken Tacos...mmmm...and Reese's Peanut Butter cups for dessert!

Creative Status:

*Creatively finding money where there wasn't any before. Lol. I returned a watercolor paper pad to the craft store since I hadn't found the time to use it yet ($21 there). Then Hubby and I took our change jar in to the grocery store and got almost $10 back from the Coinstar machine.

Etsy shop of the day:  Toysofthepast

Seeing the little people toys makes me think of my sis (in Boston) who had them all and we used to play with them for hours! (Click on the name of the shop to go to the shop site)


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